# Date

Represents timestamps.

The Date API is still preliminary and requires importing the Date object from the host (as Date).

# Constructor

  • new Date(value: i64)
    Constructs a new date object from an UTC timestamp in milliseconds.

# Static members

  • function now(): i64

    Returns the current UTC timestamp in milliseconds.

  • function UTC(
      year: i32,
      month?: i32,
      day?: i32,
      hour?: i32,
      minute?: i32,
      second?: i32,
      millisecond?: i64
    ): i64

    Returns the UTC timestamp in milliseconds of the specified date.

# Instance members

  • function getTime(): i64

    Gets the UTC timestamp of this date in milliseconds.

  • function setTime(value: i64): i64

    Sets the UTC timestamp of this date in milliseconds and returns the timestamp.